The TRIangle BElow CAnal Street. TriBeCa. is closer to a trapezoid but the geometry of this neighborhood is seldom the focus of those who stroll by its historic, renowned or ex-industrial–now residential–buildings to shop at mostly upscale boutiques. Lofts once home to near-starving artists and their families now command a very pretty penny indeed, the dwellings no longer befitting the small of purse. But good news–no charge to walk about while dreaming of several million in discretionary income to plunk down for your very own enormous space once owned by a famous artist or movie star. Meanwhile Bogner, Uno, Rogan, Issey Miyake beckon–the latter ensconced in a not-to be-missed fabulous cast-iron building. Certainly, the 15th TrBeCa Film Festival should also demand your attention in mid-April 2016 when a female film-maker will for the third time be awarded The Nora Ephron Prize and 25K. Uniques venues abound including The Ghostbusters Fire House on Moore, a 6 foot square Museum in an elevator shaft on Cortland Alley and Dream House, a small, semi-permanent sound and visual installation by Young and Zazeela on Church where for a $5 donation your senses will be both soothed and stimulated during what feels like a mini-vacation. What are you waiting for?


Tribeca Boutiques