Stroll NOrth of Little ITaly and you’re in trendy, friendly NOLITA, that hugely hip spot for boutiques east of Soho proving less is indeed more–less space with more fashion per square foot than nearly anywhere outside the Champs Elysess. Cafes, restaurants abound for sustenance in between forays for the coolest in handbags, designer boots, funky necklaces or togs from hot to vintage.  At the same time, you’ll enjoy its narrow, quintessentially quaint streets where only the venerable progeny of Italian immigrants still reside, their children having long since moved to the suburbs.  The Feast of San Gennaro begun in 1926 on Mulberry Street by just-arrived Napolitanos continues to this day to celebrate the patron saint of Naples, Saint Januarius.  That’s right–you saw the whole thing recreated in Godfather 111 but up-close and personal is better.  An after-Labor-Day event, it’s now a street fair lasting eleven days with Nolita at its hub.  Games, parades and don’t miss the deep fried dough balls dusted with confectioner’s sugar–zeppole.  Mama mia!

Nolita Boutiques