Lower East Side


The Lower East Side rises up to meet the sky with lots of new construction and its very own contemporary art center at the New Museum.  Long home to restaurant equipment companies, now also roosts for small galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Perhaps you recall Meg Ryan in Harry Met Sally moaning her way through a lunch at Katz’s Delicatessen on East Houston Street.  O.M.G. Remember when that felt risque. Speaking of risque, check out the bar/lounge at the Bowery Hotel with its all-year-round logs ablaze in a stone hearth–perfect for snuggling and canoodling.  Want to take a walk, the street grit and grime awaits   (to keep New Yorkers happy–grime must be authentic) for stretches of ambling between stores .  So prep for a day of seeing NYC’s past, present and future because as one real estate developer said: there’s no such thing as a bad neighborhood in NYC anymore.

Lower East Side Boutiques