East Village

The East Village is for the young and smart though even the older and less wise will appreciate this zesty bite of the Big Apple where the memory of punk lingers, rock ‘n roll still lives and poets hang out to recite their free verse. It reposes–now that radical is a thing of the past–between Houston and 14th Streets and east of today’s chic and expensive Bowery, and includes Alphabet City (Avenues A, B, C and D) where minding your P’s and Q’s is now de rigueur–never mind its borderline history–and has been rezoned so that any new building conforms to a low-rise silhouette. Boutiques of every kind are plentiful especially those for the bargain and vintage-hunter and you can follow your nose to the numerous and affordable eateries. From May to October you’re invited to the community-run pristine and glorious 6BC Botanical Garden. Within its compact space, secluded benches and a tiny pond entice you to rest your feet and restore your soul amid hundreds of flourishing plants and flowers.

East Village Boutiques