Chic is the word for this super not-too-shabby part of town. Once the meat packing district, now a gathering spot for breezy boutique shopping and short-skirted diners admiring the boats moored at the pier. Take an essential walk on The High Line, a elevated linear park on an old rail spur with city and Hudson views, then to the nearby Chelsea Market, an enclosed food court and much else.  Two-hundred of the world’s finest art galleries beckon ye of the educated eye to step within for the latest in sculpture, drawings, oils. A fat checking account is a plus. Then time out for recovery and meditation in The Seminary Garden followed by a stroll southeast for an eyeful of  brick and mortar: Google’s hub enveloping a cool city block.   All the while gird your loins for an excess of boutiques as far as the feet can walk. Fancy footwear not recommended.


Chelsea Boutiques