About Us

Hi From Stroll.  We Love Boutique Shopping, Window Shopping, Trying On A Dress, Checking Out The Latest Blouses On Our Block.   Boutiques And Neighborhoods Are Just Our Thing. This Is Where Boutique Shoppers and Boutiques Meet One Another For Casual Browsing.  We Know That Shopping From Your Couch Is Fun, But So Is Strolling, Taking In jobitel.com The Sun And Oolong Tea At The Corner Cafe.  Tell Us Why You Love Boutique Shopping. Is It The Hunt, The Discovery, Getting To Know A Place?

We at Stroll still like the everyday give and take of trying on a pair of shoes, touching a blazer’s fabric, noting the stitching on a shirt’s cuff and walking NYC streets.   Poking around, window shopping, saying hi.  You may be at home on your couch scoping out the latest fashion and ask but then why am I  viewing this on the internet. We want you to know the boutiques that make NYC charming, idiosyncratic, cosmopolitan, individualistic and just plain fun.   Join us for a stroll in the neighborhoods that make our city amazing!

Co-founder, President

Elizabeth Conn

Boutique Lover. New Yorker, Interior Designer

Co-founder, Creative Director

Kenan Aktulun

Boutique Lover, New Yorker
(via Austin, Paris, Berlin & Istanbul)

Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief

Margaret Loeb

Boutique Lover, New Yorker, Writer